Monday, April 9, 2007

Weekend Recap

Sorry for the lag in posting. We left Friday to go to Nana's for Easter. Good trip, but I came home still nursing a headache that had been hanging on for days. I wish I could say it's gone, but I still feel it. I'm hoping a day at home in my "normal" habitat will help get rid of it.

Consumption: So, when I go to Nana's I don't do the best when it comes to food & hydration. I drank too many Dr. Peppers. I didn't go overboard on sweets like I usually do, but since I hardly eat any at home it seems like I ate a lot. I did eat past full at two meals (dinner Saturday & lunch Sunday), but as soon as I realized what I was doing I stopped. On the way out of town Friday we stopped and got Sonic. I got a cheese coney meal (yes, the really long hot dog) and was pleased to discover that not only did I not finish the thing, I have no desire to every buy one again. The hot dog was a former favorite of mine and it just tasted plain gross to me. Looks like I've grown up a bit in my food requirements!

Exercise: did not happen - couldn't even take a walk due to bad weather!

Clutter Control: nothing here either. Being out of my own house make sit difficult to clean it up! On Friday I did do a load of sheets and scrubbed a wall - Tripp decided to paint with his poop again. Pray about this issue for us please. He has shown us he can and will go in the potty consistently, but he has been choosing to go during his rest time and then play with it (seriously!) about once a week. Needless to say this is a problem and we could use your prayers as we get through it.

Spiritual Development: Again I had no structured time in this department. I did get up Friday and got through part of my morning study, then the kids got up (early) and derailed my time. I did have sort of a neat thought on Sunday that I'd like to share though. I was getting my shower before we had "house church." (it was too cold and wet to take the kids and Nana out) Now, I will fully admit that showering at Nana's is not my favorite thing. Small shower, big Sarah - not the best combination. However, as I stood there letting the water run down my neck and shoulders it occurred to me that this is how we exist daily. Let me explain........I love at the end of my shower to turn the water just a wee bit hotter and just let it run, releasing any left over tension in my neck and shoulders and just relaxing me a bit. What hit me on Sunday is that we are washed clean by Christ's blood every minute of every day just like that. If we will yield and let Him do the work He began in us, we are made spotless. And just like those muscle aches that seem so deep that I want the water to beat down on until they let go, Christ washes and washes and washes even our deepest rooted sin until we turn it loose and let it flow down the drain. Today I pray for all of us that we can relax in the shower of love offered to us every day by Christ's sacrifice for us. His love is better at relieving tension than any shower on earth.


Stephanie said...

I like the comparison of the hot water in the shower to God's love and forgiveness to us. Thank you for putting it like that. Really makes you think. Glad that you had a good weekend and safe trip. Love ya!

erin said...

Sarah, I promise I will pray for your family about the poop thing! That must be really frustrating and hard to keep your cool when it happens. Thanks for sharing.

Perkins said...

Just checking in...
Appreciate and love your sweet, confessional heart.
Praying for a great week!
Love you sister,