Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Walking News

So after my last post I got this amazing email from a friend at church that offered to let me borrow her treadmill! She brought it over yesterday and today when the kids were resting I got my walk in! I'm so excited about this because my exercise no longer depends on my kids' schedule. I can walk while they sleep - either in the afternoon or at night or if I'm feeling nuts, before they get up in the morning! I feel like this is a real solution to part of my struggle.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Struggling Through

Man has it been a week since I last wrote. Busy busy. Somewhat stressful. And I have had a migraine for the better part of the last 7 days. Today is actually much better with it really only being bad late in the afternoon. So, I kinda feel like I've just been struggling through life.

I didn't exercise at all last week. I'm having a very hard time making this part of my routine. The plan was to go on 3 walks each week - at least 20 minutes of active walking each time. I got two in the first week and none in this last week. It's more difficult than I thought to work in taking the kids for a walk when you factor in our schedule and the need to wait until it's not blistering hot outside. So, I'm thinking maybe I need a different plan. I have some workout dvd's - I could do one of those after the kids are down 3 times a week. I have to confess that I stink in this department if I don't have people to do it with. I used to go to classes at Aerofit (years agao) but I went because there was some social stuff involved and then there was also that little drive inside to be better than the person next to me. Last summer I walked a lot because I met up with friends to do it. I don't have any of that right now so I'm really struggling. Prayers please, and if any of you are willing to embarass yourself with me, let me know - maybe we could book a room and tv at the church building and do a workout video together!

Eating had been better and then I blew it. Easy and I went out last night and I ate all manner of things I shouldn't have eaten. I think I'm starting to really understand that my body is addicted to certain foods. With the headache and all I've been physically feeling bad. I realize part of that is because my body was used to xyz for fuel and now it's getting fvp instead. This week is hard. I want to throw it out the window and go get xyz again. Much like the Israelites I want to go back to the bondage. I am grateful though that I have people helping me stay accountable (that includes anyone reading this blog) and for you guys I will walk on into the dessert. I know God will satisfy me in ways I can't imagine and I put my faith in Him and not in the fast food bag.

Pray for me this week as I continue struggling through. It feels like this week is important somehow. That God is trying to weed something out of me. Please pray that I am obedient and willing to be transformed at His hand. It's His temple - He gets to decorate, and I have a feeling more than a fresh coat of paint is what He has in mind right now.