Sunday, April 1, 2007

Day One, Day One, God Made Light When There Was None

Sorry, Tripp has been singing that song all day so it is stuck in my head. So here's day one in a nutshell:

Consumption: Trim Advantage Meal Replacement Shake (milk chocolate with natural peanut butter and a banana thrown in) for breakfast. One XS Tropical Blast energy drink (0 carbs, 0 sugar). Turkey sandwich with a few Toasted Ritz Chips for lunch. One Dr. Pepper & 2 small Swedish fish (the candy) - Easy brought them to me as a "treat" from his excursion to Home Depot today because I had to take Vivian to Urgent Care for her fever/rash that was getting worse. Salad & leftover meatloaf sandwich for dinner. Finishing a bottle of HEB flavored sparkling water ( no caffeine, sodium, or calories!) before bed. Oh, and two Tylenol for the killer body ache I have compliments of my two feverish daughters. :-)

Exercise: Didn't happen.

Spiritual Development: Well, I didn't really have quiet time today, but I did get to go to church...alone. Easy was going to stay home with Viv anyway, and then the other two kids slept to late to make it to early service with me so I went by myself. I worked my shift in the nursery during early service. Class was great - we talked about intentional God-centered traditions we can create in our families. Then I got to go to worship by myself. No kids. I'd call that quiet time! It was a wonderful service. The sermon was very appropriate for me today - it was about not taking excuses to God. Based out of the parable about the rich man throwing a banquet, Monty (our new YM) reminded us that God has given us the ultimate invitation and when we make excuses about why we can't do whatever it is He's calling us to do we are seriously missing out on blessings.

On another note, in my rambling prayers lately I've been pondering/asking why I'm struggling with what seem to be "old demons" to me. Perhaps it is because as I was healed from depression I began following God's call on my life to be a mom. I still feel that call strongly (we better hope I do with 3 kids!), but lately I've been feeling a nudging to broaden my ministry somehow. To me and my human subconscious that is a bit scary. I found a tremendous peace when I became a mother and moving on to "the next stage" in my journey scares me quite a bit. Scares me enough to let Satan stick his foot in the door and try and make me second guess all sorts of things. Well, too bad for you Satan. I'm ready to leave my excuses behind and do whatever it is God has in store for me. If that's continue on the home front, in the nursery ministry, going to work part-time, or something else that hasn't even crossed my mind yet, I'm ready. For now, please pray that I can be patient and listen closely so I will hear His voice leading me the right way.


irene said...

Hi Sarah!!

WOW! I am SO PROUD OF YOU! and I am SO THANKFUL FOR YOU! I miss our time in the nursery. I miss having friends! Thank you so much for sending me your blog. You are not alone! I, too, have been struggling with some "blue moods." Do you ever pray for Jesus to just go on and come? I find myself doing that lately and realizing that I should do that anyway. To pray for him to come for His Glory but not for me, for my selfishness, for my tired body and soul. I have ALWAYS struggled with quiet times and Monty's sermon yesterday really hit home for me, too. Even still, last night was just too overwhelming. I did finally sit down, mostly b/c I was so overwhelmed I could not sleep, I sat down and opened to Psalms thinking where are those that David wrote about "Please hear me, God!" "Please help!!" "This is too hard!!" I fell asleep sitting up on the couch reading thru those. It was still comforting though I'm not sure it was pleasing to the Lord.

I, too, have been feeling a nudge toward something bigger, a ministry. We need to talk!

I love you! I'm praying for you!

P.S. I'll call you at 645 AM! Which number do I call?

sarahdawn said...

Call my home number, the 936 one - it's not long distance.

Perkins said...

Sarah - You're a brave soul to document what you ate. My eating was not great yesterday...let's just say "On the Border" and Mike brought me home a "Take 5" from a gas station on his way home from his camping trip. I ate half of it at 10:00 last night (which is a big "no-no" according to Oprah...uh oh, another Oprah comment!! :) )

After reading your blog though and Irene's comments, I think we all have the desire to be more or to minister more or something. I know I feel that same way too. Why is that? Are we suppose to be doing more than just being a mommy? If so, WHAT IS IT??????!!! I don't know. I've been praying for a long time for "my gift" to be really clear to me. I want to be a difference maker. I want to find something that God needs ME to do. Hmmmm. I need Him to spell it out really slowly b/c I'm afraid I might miss it.

At the same time, I know I am shaping the hearts of my little ones every day. Maybe my calling now is to do that better and with more passion and with more creativity. I don't know.

So many questions...better go pray.
Love you sister,

LBG Dreamer said...

Being led in a new direction is an invigoratingly scary journey. You know how well I know that! Even when the kiddos are screaming, the radio is blaring, Barney is singing, and the microwave is dinging, God speaks quietly in our hearts. Because you are open, you will hear that quiet voice speaking to your heart. Be brave and know He knows the plans he has for you - to prosper you and not to harm you. Love ya, girl! Lara

jenny said...

I didn't read the rest of the comments---someone might have said something like this already. About broadening your ministry, don't rush into too many commitments, but stay open! You are about to enter a new phase, with a child going off to Kindergarten. It's the beginning of a completely new part of life with lots of new contacts. Lots of new opportunities to help others and help your kid's school, to witness to others. The new opportunities will fall into your lap! You might be getting these inklings about this new phase of life. Don't be afraid of it---it's a great time of life, too. You'll be led to your niche, I'm sure.