Monday, April 2, 2007

Starve a Fever?

Is it starve a fever, feed a cold? I'm sure it's all an old wive's tale anyway. Here's my day:

Consumption: 2 cups decaf coffe. 1 Cherry Blast XS, 1 bowl leftover potato casserole, 1 chocolate TAMRS with peanut butter & banana (again - it's like a treat!), 1 Strawberry HEB water, 2 Cheetoe Puffs (off Tripp's plate), 1 small bowl of mac-n-cheese. A few doses of Tylenol for the body ache that turned into a full blown fever.

Exercise: Didn't happen due to fever.

Spiritual Development: Quite time at 6:40 this morning before the children got up!!!! I was in Psalm 1 today and the devotional guide I'm using prompted me to think a lot about this bit of poetry. I was reminded that even righteous "trees" bear fruit in their season. Meaning that is is natural, intentional on God's part, and totally normal to go through a winter season with what appears to be no fruit. But God tends his garden of trees. He prunes us when we need it. He waters us when we come to Him. And He takes such joy in watching us bloom in our season. Like the title of Sheila Walsh's book says Life is Tough, but God is Faithful. We must only stay faithful to Him and wait.

Also read a chapter in Pilgrim Heart today. It was on the practice of confession. Something the author, Darryl Tippen, notes is very absent in much of contemporary Christianity. It spoke of the importance to not only confess our own sins (not just to God), but to receive others' confessions and to extend to them the promise of God that our sins will be forgiven. It struck me that my initial post on this blog was a bit of a confession. I confessed a personal struggle and I must say I have been overwhelemed at the response and comments I have received. It would seem that depression, or "blue moods," and the fear of new direction along with hunger for God's voice in our lives has struck a cord. Thank you my friends. Your support and honesty in your comments has built me up and increased my confidence that this journey is one I must take, I must share with others, and that God indeed is faithful.


Nellie said...

I just completed a 4 week series of lessons on Confession for our Ladies Class. It is a neglected discipline which needs to be revived!

I'm proud for you for all of your efforts; especially knowing that a "fever virus" is running amok in your household! God IS faithful, so hold on tight.

The disciplines of silence and solitude are so helpful in allowing us to hear the voice of God and feel his presence. Those disciplines are very challenging for mothers of small children, but the gifts to be received from them are beyond description. "Be still and know that I am God." Just being still is sometimes all you need to do.

irene said...

Oh no! I just read your blog entry from last night. I called at 645 this morning and you probably needed to just rest. I pray that you will all be feeling better today!

I agree that the discipline of being still is so important. Right now my problem is that when I am still I fall asleep or my mind races with all the busyness of life. For me, I need to learn the discipline of a still and quiet mind.

irene said...

Oh and I think it IS starve a fever but really it's more like "don't force yourself to eat if you're not hungry." If you're hungry eat, if not let your body work on fighting the bug instead of digesting food. For sure it is: "push the fluids"

Perkins said...

Thank you Mrs. Nellie for those words..."Be still and know that I am God." I think I need to be reminded of those everyday...especially when there's whining, running, screaming, disarray, etc. all around me!! :)

Hope you feel better Sarah. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you.

Mary Lou said...

Hi Sarah,
Your mom told me you had a new blog and after checking it out, I'm so impressed. Young mothers...oh, how my heart goes out to you all. I sympathize and empathize with those feelings of desparate longing for help and strength. Nope, nothing really prepared us for what lay ahead when 3 little humans would run about the house...all under the age of 5 years old. It is a task that will make you cry, laugh hysterically, sit for hours in front of a TV after they all finally go to sleep (if you're lucky to get that to happen at one time) holding onto that last stuffed animal your husband stepped over 10 times and pray 100 thanks to God for giving these little lives to you. Its hard work and a job I wouldn't go back into lightly. Depression...I see was a big part of my life back then and even today in my later years. Thanks for your new attitude and writing. You're inspiring. Temple remodeling is daunting. Grace of God be with you.

LBG Dreamer said...

The truth shall set you free! I think confession is about having to quit lying to ourselves and admitting to the truth out loud! I think the journey you are taking will quickly turn into a caravan! Fasten your seatbelt - you're not on this trip alone! Love ya! Lara

Toppooch said...

Just wanted you to know I'm checking in on you! Remodel underway here as well. I almost hate writing it out loud. Feels like I might jinx myself.

Blessings my friend!


P.S. I'm sure Kara will be all over supporting you but she's up in my neck of the woods this week!