Sunday, November 11, 2007

Knock, Knock

Who's there? It's God, and I'm back to push you some more.

The last few weeks have been rough. We had all the sickness in the kids and then I got Tripp's cold and still haven't quite shaken it. My eating has been better. Still no exercise and I stunk it up when it came to quiet time and reading this week.

I don't remember if I've specifically blogged about this before, so I'll just put it out there. I've felt God calling me to write for quite some time. It started a couple of years ago in my kitchen on a day I will never forget. That's a story for another time though. Bottom line was that He pretty much told me to write and I said "Sure, we'll do that one day." It rolled through my head every so often, but it was not something I had been giving any real thought in a long time. Several months ago God came knocking and re-stated this call. I say call because that's what it feels like. He's calling me to do this. I've been wrestling (or wrastlin' if you're from Texas) with it quite a bit. But, I confessed it out loud to some people in my life and they are keeping me accountable and helping along.

Well, Saturday I was thinking, "Gee, I haven't really thought about this whole writing thing in a few weeks and it seems like all those things that kept happening to keep it in my face have stopped. I guess God backed off." Don't ever think God backs off folks. Before that night was over a precious friend who I love and respect looked me square in the eyes and said,"You are preparing to write a book." Then this morning we went to class at my folks' church and the text took me right back to James where God has had me non-stop since September. I made a few comments in class and after one of them the teacher (who is the preacher there) said,"Good sermon. I'll just hand you the mic in a few minutes." We all laughed, but my sweet husband gave me that knowing look and then prompted me later to write the thoughts I voiced down in the little notebook I now carry all the time.

So, apparently it's time for me to only renew my remodeling efforts, I need to take inventory and renew my commtiment to be obedient. I need to be obedient in the small things and the big things. Even when they don't make sense. Even when I can't accomplish them with my own abilities. Even when I DON'T WANT TO. Pray for me this week that I will be obedient. I'll pray that for you to - that you are listening to His voice and answering His requests with a resounding "YES!"

Monday, November 5, 2007

Time for Renewal

OK folks. It's been a hard 8 weeks, but I'm coming through the other side and ready to renew the purpose of this blog. I have somehow managed to loose a few more pounds in the midst of the chaos. I'm down 31 pounds and very happy about it. I do, however, need to refocus my eating strategy. It's gotten pretty lax as of late. Most particularly with the DP - devil juice I tell you! So, starting right now I'm back to my sparkling water. I also vow to stop sneaking a piece of candy out of the kids' halloween stash everyday. I know it won't take too many of those days until the scale goes the other way so it stops now.

As far as exercise goes - not commitment from me yet. My plan is to start walking 3 days a week and do some resistance with my rubber tubing 2 days a week. I think that the jogging was too much for me at this point and contributed to the fatigues and headaches so I'm not going to take that back on until I feel more in control of my health. I'm still fighting off one heck of a cold so I'm not sure when I will add this component back in. I'll keep you posted though.

My quiet times have fallen by the wayside as of late. This MUST get fixed. I'm still working my way through the study of James for LBC. It's been kind of hit or miss as far as how much I get done each week. My book club is reading a new book and meeting again on 12/3. I just started the book and intend to finish it in time. I didn't finish last month's book. I was, um, distracted to say the least.

Oh, and if youwould like to follow along the journey we are taking with Tripp, please at Monkey Dance to your list of blogs you check. I love you all and am grateful for all the encouragement you've been giving me. I'll check in again soon.