Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Fever Free!

At least Viv and I are anyway. Tripp hasn't had any since early this morning. Paris is still running one. Please pray that she will drink the fluids I keep giving her. I'm making Popsicles for tomorrow so hopefully that will help.

Consumption: 2 cups decaf coffee, 1 Tropical Blast XS, 2 HEB waters, 1/3 of an XS protein shake - it was strawberries & creme and I added a banana and a swirl of special dark chocolate syrup - don't think I can handle the texture of the protein shake, a little too mylanta for me, 2 of those peanut butter cookies I mentioned yesterday, 4 celery stalks with Lite Laughing Cow Cheese in them, 1 bowl of salad, 1 grilled turkey & cheese sammie + two bites of Tripp's grilled cheese.

Exercise: Pilates on the Ball video!!!! I'm super proud of myself for doing this today. Paris watched a "did" it with me. She couldn't find her Care Bear ball so she just did everything on the floor and used the ottoman for the stuff that was feet on the ball. She was cute. She said I did "just fine." Clearly, I have a ways to go in this area. I did as much as I could. When the cute perky lady on the DVD said "Let's make it more challenging" I just kept doing what I was already doing. I'm not up to challenging yet. Basic challenges me.

Clutter Control: I'm adding this section because I know that the cluttered state of my house contributes to my cluttered mind. Hopefully, this will also help me see where the holes are in my housekeeping. Plus, I'll get to brag when I do something beyond my necessary stuff. (like working on the piece I want to refinish, get another box emptied and out of the house - seriously, we moved close to a year ago!, etc...) Today I did a load of dishes, changed the sheets on all the beds (that's 4!), spackled a whole in Tripp's wall, and did 5 loads of laundry.

Spiritual Development: Quiet Time at 6:45 this morning. I was actually up a little before 6, but that was to tend to poor feverish Tripper. I grabbed the phone and took with me to his room trusting that someone would call. I gave Tripp his Motrin and snuggled up with him in his bed. At 6:45 Irene called and I got my day started right! Today was Psalm 3. Deliverance if from the Lord. It was encouraging me today particularly because as I went to sleep last night I was praying about finding solutions to our current situation. $ is TIGHT. Easy works hard, but he's tired. He's been doing this commuting thing for nearly 2 years now. I worry about him pushing himself too hard. Not sure if I want/need/should work part-time maybe starting in the fall...lots of questions regarding a stressor I know many of you understand. And this morning I was reminded by my Father that He's got my back. I need to cry out to Him, and He will answer. Pray that I will hear.

I am very tired tonight. I hope to hit the sack "early." - That's anytime before 11:00 for me.


ircampbell said...

Yay! for waning fevers! and for exercise! I'm seriously shocking myself when I say, "I miss exercise!" I don't even know if I spell it correctly! When I had the time I did not take advantage of it as I should have. I really wish I had more time now. Even just a good stretch would be nice.

Clutter Control! I need that, too. I thought it was just b/c we had a small space...excuses, excuses. :D

Love ya! Keep up the good work!

erin said...

Good job Sarah!

debralynne said...

You are totally convicting me!!!! And I completely understand about the $ situation. We will be praying for you too. Keep up the good work. Hopefully I can start joining you.

Love you!