Monday, April 9, 2007

Mellow Monday

That's what we had around here. A very mellow, don't leave the house kind of day.

Consumption: 1 Cherry blast XS, 2 cups decaf coffee, 1 HEB water, 2 peanut butter cookies, 1 bowl leftover chicken spaghetti, 1 egg salad sandwich, handful of sour cream & onion chips, XX

Exercise: nope. No real excuse either.

Clutter Control: 4 loads of laundry, 1 load of dishes, de-tagged (and washed) all the kids new clothes from my shopping trip to the outlets in San Marcos (Hello, everything I bought was 50% off!! I picked a good day to shop!), deodorized/vacuumed Tripp's carpet, sorted toys out of living room (Tripp's to his room, Paris' to hers, etc...), took in 3 pair of Tripp's shorts at the waist (maybe it's not clutter control, but I'm proud of myself for doing this and not paying someone else to do it!)

Spiritual Development: I'm having a challenge with my morning time. My alarm is set for 6:00 & 6:30, and my loyal friend Irene calls at about 6:45 as back up. I think I need to move my phone call up. Vivian is tweaking her schedule. She's been up by 6:50 the last 4 mornings. That means 6:45 isn't early enough for me to get up. So, Irene, when you read this if you want to call earlier, feel free! I'm going to focus on getting up with my alarm and not depending on the call everyday. Today I used my afternoon time to catch up with my girlfriend Dasha on the telephone. We hadn't talked in several days. That's weird for us. I supposed this should have been the confession section today. Tomorrow will be better.


Stephanie said...

How is Dasha doing? Everything going well I pray. Glad that you got all the clothes 50% off. You go girl!!! You did a lot yesterday. With all the laundry and sorting of toys. Be proud of yourself. I on the other hand didn't do half of what you did. I did get to read for about 2 hours in my Shelia Walsh book. Wow! Real eye opener. Love ya.

ircampbell said...

No worries! I got your back! We are "up" between 5:30 and 6:00 every morning and though my brain is not quite in reading/focus mode until about 6:45 I can push buttons on a phone!! So how about 6:10? You tell me.

I think pretty soon I'm going to start a midday quiet time. Right now I work thru lunch so I can leave work at 4 but I think taking 30 min to close the office doors and have a quiet time would be good for me. There's just not a time at home when the house is quiet and I'm not fighting to keep my eyes open.

sarahdawn said...

6:10 or 15 is great Irene! I like your plan of taking your quiet time mid-day. I bet you find it gives you a real boost to get through your afternoon. Let me know how it goes!

Toppooch said...

Just checking in my friend. I have my devotional time mid-day as well. I put Will down for his nap and although Trini doesn't nap anymore, I set her up with a video or book on CD and have her lay down and have REST time. She's allowed to play in her room after that but she has to stay up there until her timer goes off. It is my down time as well.

After rest we walk to the mailbox or around the block, especially if I haven't treaded on my treadmill by that point.

In theory that is done before the kids get up, when I am too groggy to open my eyes and heart to the Word yet. Or, I do it right when rest time starts before devo time.

Just some thoughts.

Marlin said...

Hey! Is the Irene Campbell that is calling you the same Irene Campbell that did, "It's Time for Spanish" at Jack & Jill Preschool for awhile? Just curious!

I've been slacking in my workouts since the beginning of the year. I was very disciplined last year and really had no issue with it. This year, it's bad! What's up with me? I'll try again in the morning. . .Lara

sarahdawn said...

Yes, same Irene!