Tuesday, April 3, 2007

On the Road to Health

Wow, that title could mean a lot of things for me right now...and all of them are true. The fever still lingers and has spread to everyone but Easy in the house. Viv was better today so it apparently lasts about 3-4 days. Tomorrow should be much better.

Consumption: 2 cups decaf coffee, 1 Cherry Blast XS, 2 HEB waters, 1 XS Sugar Free Sport Drink (like Gatorade), turkey sandwich and a handful of sour cream & onion chips (not the healthiest choice, I know), 2 slices homemade spicy garlic chicken pizza, 1 bowl frosted mini-wheats with vanilla soy milk. I forgot these last night so I'm adding it this morning: 4 quarter sized protein packed peanut butter cookies. Seriously, they are made with natural PB, Splenda, and egg, and some vanilla extract. Scrumptious a guilt free!

Exercise: Still not on the radar due to fever and exhaustion.

Spiritual Development: A big THANK YOU to my friend Irene who called at 6:45 this morning!!! We had a seriously rough day and night at our house so when my alarm went of the second time at 6:30 I thought to myself, "If someone calls I'll get up." Then the phone rang 15 minutes later and I did. My quiet time this morning was in Psalm 2. It really took my focus off of myself and the little world in which I live. The study guide I'm using prompted me to pray for the leaders of the world. I did that and in doing so was reminded that even though this fever virus has been unpleasant, there is a MUCH bigger picture to look at. Then, when my kids got up I was actually ready to have a better day instead of being in constant reaction mode like I would have been had I stayed in bed sleeping. Thank you again Irene.

Also started a new book today. No, I haven't finished Pilgrim Heart, but I needed to start this other one because it's the book for the book club I sort of started. I'm reading Sheila Walsh's new book God has a Dream for your Life. I read the intro and Chapter 1 today. This one is going to hit me where it hurts. Which, of course, is where I need to be hit. I think that's all I'll say on that for now. I've tried to formulate some thoughts on that subject, but they aren't ready to come out just yet.

Also had a friend call today and ask if we could be accountability partners. I was honored. I am also excited. We chatted a while and are both going to pray about this and wait for some guidance as to what that might look like for us. Regular get-togethers? Daily contact? Weekly? We don't know. Neither of us has ever had an accountability partner. Pray over that for us please. And of course, if you've ever had someone like that in your life, feel free to share how that worked.

I'm off to bed now.


Nellie said...

I have some suggestions I'll share with you regarding having an accountability partner. You can share them with others later if you want to do that. Don't want to take up your space here.

I will say, however, that having an accountability partner/friend is a wonderful thing.

I have a spiritual friend who really keeps me on my toes with her questions. We ask each other about our families, what we are reading, how we have used our time, and we have cried with each other and celebrated with each other over the course of several decades. We've taken trips together for the specific purpose of retreating and just "being."

Ours is not a formalized process, but rather one that has evolved over many years of loving and caring for each other. We see one another several times a week and talk on the phone almost daily, so it's a very natural thing. Having a friend like this is a true gift.

I also have a newer friend I have never met in person. We were introduced through someone we both know. We have corresponded via e-mail for several months now. Our friendship grew out of our desire to grow deeper spiritually. Although I have never met her face to face, we are getting to know one another soul to soul.

When is your book club meeting? It sounds like a wonderful opportunity for sharing time and hearts.

Glad the homefront is getting healthier. Prayers continue.

Love you!

sarahdawn said...

Book Club is only meeting once a month. Our first meeting is the last Monday of April.

Marlin said...

The Sheila Walsh book is good! I've got all sorts of notes in the margin. They would't really make sense to anyone else. Some of them are even questions I'm asking myself. I think I had a revelation while reading the other night as to why I had such a hard time with "depression" (not really sure that's what it was - think it was more just anger mode). I'll share more with you when we get together. Glad you're on the downhill slide to feeling better. Love ya! Lara