Saturday, June 30, 2007

Walking Backwards

That's kind of how I felt this week. My schedule was all out of sorts and I never found a groove. Paris had swim lessons every morning so my regular exercise routine for the week didn't all. We've been staying up late (read: sleeping late). I didn't get enough reading done (I have like a half a book to read before our book club meets on Monday!) I guess I did OK with food. I really felt the effects of the female monthly this week. I've always known the I crave some chocolate during the pms phase, but I really craved carbs all week. I ate oatmeal almost everyday and even had a piece of bread (whole grain & sugar free!) every day with one meal or another. Lots less fruits than I had been eating. It was just a weird week. I'm humbly asking for your prayers this next week as swim lessons continue and my daily routine will continue to be less than "normal". We are also having a BBQ with a few friends on the 4th. I "politely suggested" that everyone bring health conscious sides/desserts to go with the fake fried chicken I'm making (it's baked) and all the meat Easy will be grilling. More than anything I solicit your prayers that I can put my head back in the word on a a daily basis. Just because my kids are sleeping later doesn't mean I have to. Please pray that God nudge me from my bed each morning so I can start the day off at His feet instead of hitting mine in response to the coos and cries of my children.

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