Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tough Week

That's what it's been. Tripp spiked a fever at VBS on Tuesday evening. He ran one all day Wednesday and has had a rash all over for two days now. Fever is gone though. That prevented me from keeping my "normal" schedule. I'm also PMS-ing which makes me very tired and very cranky. All that together makes it harder to make good choices with food! I've done well though. Wednesday night I actually had the frozen burritos in my hand when I stopped and thought about what I was doing. I put them up and stir-fryed a big bunch of veggies instead. The PMS really does make my sweet tooth scream. (and I mean SCREAM) I've been having a bowl of oatmeal sweetened with Splenda in the evenings. Today I did hit my stash - I keep some dark chocolate on hand for days like today when I'm barely hanging on to sanity and that tooth just won't shut up. I ate two little squares of the bar and put the rest back int the zip-top baggie.

Anywho........I have been reading in Beth Moore and also in the book on contenement for LBC. My quiet time this morning is what stuck with me today though. I'm in Luke 20-something. It was about the "end of days." The study guide I use prompted with a question on my personal feelings when thinking of the end of days. I thought for a minute and found that it doesn't really matter to me if it's now or not. Every day I just want to get up and do what God needs me to do that day. Some days that's all about being Mom, somtimes it's being there for a friend, sometimes it's speaking something out loud that I don't want to say but He's prompting me to anyway, sometimes it's all about being a wife, whatever the task - that's all I want to do each day. I want to follow His lead. If we are nearing the end of days I say "Woo Hoo!!! Let's go home!" If we're not, then so what - it doesn't really change what I want to do every day - simply follow His lead. I know that He will always be leading me to do things that will increase His kindgom and I'm begining to understand and beleieve that He actually has a job for me, Sarah Foster, to do.


irene said...

I love this post Sarah!
It's beautiful!

Marlin said...

Good word, sister!