Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Consumption: TAMRS (chocolate w/banana & pb), handful of grapes, 2/3 a cup of natural applesauce (vivie would eat it), 2 eggs scrambled w/mushrooms, olives and topped with salsa, 1 XS, 1 HEB water, 1 cup decaf coffee, 2 small helpings linguine a la anne (pasta and ham dish), some tomato-cucumber salad, hanful of cashews

Exercise: Nothing formal. My book I ordered for my xertubes came in so I will put together my plan and start the strength training part of my routine on Thursday.

Clutter Control: just the basics today.

Spiritual Development: Quiet time at 6:40-ish. Psalm 8 I think. Truth be told, it didn't make a lasting impression as I can't even remember at the moment what it was about. Started reading Beleiving God by Beth Moore for this month's book club.


irene said...

oy! I'm sorry! This has NOT been a good week for wake up times in my house. How's Viv?

Keli said...

Howdy! Just checking in on you. I need to blog a progress report! My house FULL o' company is leaving in the morning so maybe tomorrow will work out. Keep on truckin'! - Lesa

Toppooch said...

Apparently one of my houseguests has been on my computer. The "Keli" comment was from me. SORRY!