Tuesday, June 19, 2007


It's been crazy and busy and I was even without internet for a bit. We had water running in our internet cable that attaches to the big antenna on top of the house. Yes, I said water, running into an electrical system. Glad I caught it when I did and now it's all better.

Consumption: Has been going really well. I find that making good choices is easier every day. The weekend was challenging as I attended a potluck on Saturday, and had to eat at Whataburger that same night. I did pretty good though. I chose to have NO dessert at the potluck and NO bread. At dinner I ordered a grilled chicken salad, but I did bum some fries off a friend. They tasted good, but I didn't even finish all of them so I think I ate maybe a quarter of an order of medium fries.

Exercise: Last week was not so good as I was fighting off some sickness. I did walk on Friday and I walked again on yesterday. I just didn't do T-TH last week.

Clutter Control: barely keeping up

Spiritual Development: I'm back in Luke for morning quiet time. I didn't do that this morning. The whole house overslept. VBS kept us up late last night. I am reading in the Beth Moore book and am enjoying it quite a bit. I'm about to start the chapter on beleiving I am who God says I am. Knowing that is an area I really struggle with made me decide last night that it could wait for today. I had already read two chapters and thought I should wait until I was more awake to dive into that topic.

Oh - and the # on the scale is dropping!!! My clothes are beginning to fit a bit deffierently as well. Since starting this blog I have lost 10.5 pounds. Keep the prayers and support coming as I celebrate freedom from those pounds while knowing there's a good 30-40 more to go!


Stephanie said...

Go Sarah! Go Sarah! You are doing awesome. I need to get on the scale and see what my weight is doing. I pray that it is going down and not up. Keep up the great work. Love you!

erin said...

10.5 pounds is GREAT! (Oh, and as an aside, how come it is so much harder to take it off than to put it on?) Isn't it neat to have your clothes fit better?

irene said...

AWESOME Sarah! I thought I noticed a bit of a difference this week. You can really tell when a person loses just a few pounds. Way to go!

Perkins said...

Excellent! Keep up the hard work!! :)