Saturday, June 9, 2007

Quick Update

Thursday and Friday were both good. Consumption remained healthy and only at times of hunger. I exercised both days - Thursday I worked out with my tubing and I walked on Friday. Clutter control was just keeping up around the house. I did have quiet time Thursday morning. Friday I did not - the bag monster got me! I did get to spend some time with one of my best friends in Houston Friday evening and that was a tremendous time of relaxing and boosting of my spirits. (Not that my spirits were low, but it was just a great visit!) We spoke of many of the changes I've been tracking here and it was so good to have support and encouragement as well as be able to share some new knowledge with them. (that book I read is effecting people everywhere I go because I can't stop talking about it!) Anyway, I just wanted to post my basics so you would all know I've been keeping up. This is weekend 2 of Easy being gone all weekend so we're hanging in. I can say that my eating has not been as good today, but I haven't eaten past full. I do ask that you pray for us as we finish this weekend on our own. Easy will be home tomorrow evening, but he will be gone overnight again Monday night. The kids are getting to that "push the limit" point since they haven't had much time with Daddy and we still have a ways to go before they get some quality time. Please pray that I can keep my cool and be a good example to them. (i.e. - not yell and scream and zone on the TV becuase I'm tired and stessed!)

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