Thursday, June 7, 2007

Wednesday Already?

The week is going fast! Here's how I did:

Consumption: 1 XS, 1 chocolate coconut TAMRB, 24oz water, 1 HEB water, 1 banana, 2 string cheese turkey roll-ups, handful almonds, handful cashews ,1 bowl left over linguinie a la anne. I'm kind of amazed at how not hungry I've been as I've made the effort to serisouly reduce my processed carb intake!

Exercise: 30-minute aerobic video work out. If you'd like a chuckle you should go read my other blog for a more detailed description of this experience. (link is in the sidebar)

Clutter Control: Sheet day!

Spiritual Development: Missed my morning quiet time. I did take time in the afternoon (after exercising & getting a shower - God does multiply your time when you use it for Him!) and read a chapter in Beleiving God. I also bought the book we are using for summer Ladies' Bible Class so i can get the first chapter read before class starts next week. We are using Calm My Anxious Heart by Lina Dillow.

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