Friday, June 1, 2007

Thursday Report

Consumption: 2 cups French Vanilla coffee, Chocolate TAMRS with banana and natural pb, 1/2 HEB water, 1 snuggle w/turkey, a pickle spear, and cream cheese, 1 100 calorie granola snack bar, a handful of southwet ranch Ritz chips, 1 brisket sammie and a helping of broccoli carrot casserole, and sadly - a large fry and bottled DP from McDonald's.

I started reading a book yesterday that is really shedding some light on my eating habits and the current state of my body. It's called Healthy for Life by Dr. Strand. I read nearly 100 pages yesterday because it rang so true to me. He talks a lot about the glycemic-index and how high glycemic foods truly create a physical addiction not undifferent than one to drugs. I'm sure I will finish the book over the weekend since Easy is out of town. I think I will pass it to my mom when I'm done. She and I eat very similarly and I think that it could really help her see what I've already learned. Basically - this is a hard battle to fight and our culture (though seemingly obsessed with young thin beauty) helps create a carb addiction that results in the need to fight our own body chemistry to get healthy. Good news is, I'm ready to fight!

Exercise: Nothing formal today. I worked at the church doing some babysitting this morning and let me say - man, was that a work out! Stephanie and I had 12 kids to watch and we were serisouly pooped when it was done. (Thus, the pooe choice of fries and soda mentioned above!)

Clutter Control: I got Tripp's room all cleaned up and organized!! This was a major undertaking. It looks so nice now and I think all the kids can play in a much more productive way. I truly beleive chaos breeds chaos so starting the day with a nice neat house will result in more peace in my book!

Spiritual Development: My quiet time was in Luke this morning. Nothing truly dramatic hit me except that I need to tend to what I have. I'm learning that it's a fine line we tread. I know God puts dreams in our hearts to stretch us and increase our faith so we can in turn increase His Kingdom. I also know that if we don't tend to what we already have that we can't be stretched into something more. Ultimately I suppose the lesson is one I've know all along and just forget - a lot. My focus shouldn't be on any of these "earthly" things anyway. It doesn't matter if I'm focusing on what I have or what I want. My focus should be on God - the rest will fall into place when He has my heart and mind.

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