Thursday, May 31, 2007

Wonderful Wednesday

Consumption: 1 Chocalate Cerry TAMRB, 1 HEB water, 2 cups French Vanilla coffee, 1 Dr. Pepper (late in the day after fighting a headache all day), 2 chicken salad snuggles (if you don't know what a snuggle is, go read my other blog!), 1 "healthy" peanut butter cookie, small bowl leftover chicken casserole and small serving leftover broccoli-carrot casserole, small fry frm Mc Donald's (with the DP - when nothing else is working, salt and caffeine usualy help the headache)

Exercise: WooHoo!!! Walked 6 laps at Tanglewood park while pushing the double stroller with T&V in it. Paris rode her bike - she may be sore today. I'm not sure how long the trail is, but I think it's about a half mile. That means I covered 3 miles with intentional exercise today! (and so did Paris!) It felt great and I woke up today (Thursday) with more energy than I've had in quite a while!

Clutter Control: The usual laundry and kitchen keep-up. Sorted through toys in living room to remove the ones that belong in a bedroom as well as pull some out to take to the re-sale shop. I got Paris' room cleaned and organized last week and I plan to hit Tripp's this week!

Spiritual Development: This would be where I slipped. After talking to Irene at our usual time I hit my snooze button and woke up when Vivie started crying at nearly 7:30. I did have some "alone time" while the kids were resting this afternoon, but I talked on the phone and vegged out in front of the TV nursing my headache instead of grabbing my Bible and having some quiet time. In the words of my wise nearly 5 year old daughter - "I think I made a poor choice."

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Stephanie said...

After our walk I came home and did 20 minutes of resistance on the elliptical and burned a little over 300 calories. I felt so good yesterday and feel great today. This is going to be a great summer. See you soon.