Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Well, it was a not too bad day for a reset.

Consumption: I did pretty well here. I onlya te when I actually felt physical hunger. I did eat past full at dinner though. Easy & I ate at LaMadeleine's. Stopping at full when eating out is still a challenge for me. Pluse they were gving away free samples of a new pastry they are going to start selling on Tuesday.

Exercise: Nothing formal, but I did quite a bit of moving around. I spent 2 hours in the morning organizing the church nursery with a friend and when I got home I did some cleaning. Much less sitting than my "normal" day.

Clutter Control: Got caught up on dishes. This took two loads in the dishwasher and a big bunch of hand washing. Got caught up on washing towels. Cleaned all three bathrooms minus floors and showers. Floors will get done today. My bathroom took a while because it had gotten VERY cluttered. Everything is back in it's place now and the room looks twice as large!

Spiritual Development: I'm using all my quiet moments to finish the book I'm reading for book club. I left it at my folk's house for a week so I'm a little behind. I'm reading Captivating. I've read most of it before and I am amazed at hoe differently it is speaking to me this time. More on that later. (Vivie is crying for breakfast - I gotta go!)

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Marlin said...

It is so refreshing to know that I am not the only one that can take a sink FULL of dishes and have it take 2 dishwasher loads to get it done! I LOVE YOU!!! I too, am enjoying, Captivating. It is stretching me in ways that I'm still not even sure I understand. I'm really having to "chew" on this book. Some of it "tastes" really good. Other parts I want to spit out, but know it's good for me so I need to swallow. :) Looking forward to next Monday! Lara