Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Consumption: 1 Cherry Blast XS, 1 100 calorie pack nutter butter granola bar, 1 Peach HEB water, 2 bean & cheese HEB breakfast burritos, Chicken sandwich and pasta salad, 1 XS sugar-free sport drink, 2 Dulce de Leche cookies (the last two so now they won't be tempting me!)

Exercise: Does mopping the floors count?

Clutter Control: 1 load of dishes and a bunch of handwashing, 1 load of laundry, swept and mopped dining room, kitchen, breakfast room and ducky bath

Spiritual Development: Fell asleep during my quiet time while praying. I may have to start praying out loud. That always feels silly to me, but as my good friend Lara pointed out in her blog, SPEAKING things is a whole different ballgame than just thinking them.

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