Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Consumption: Started the day with a TAMRS (chocolate w/ banana & peanut butter), had a bacon & tomato sammie for lunch with a handful of Cheetoes, half a bowl of beef stew casserole for dinner (new recipe - probably won't make it again), 3 lemon cookies and a half plate of nachos (just cheese on chips) because I was hungry from not eating all the stew stuff at dinner. Drank 1 HEB water and 1 Dr. Pepper.

Exercise: None.

Clutter Control: Did some laundry, kept the kitchen caught up,, and got all the wood floors swept. I would've gotten them mopped, but I played with Paris someduring rest time, and we took Tripp for a haircut late in the afternoon.

Spiritual Development: Continued reading Captivating. It really is very good. I am begnning to understand more how some of my "issues" are clearly attacks by Satan. I am looking forward to continuing the book and to Monday evening when we discuss it. Easy and I are also reading a book called Sheet Music. It's about sexual intimacy in marriage, written by Dr. Leman. We haven't even gotten through the first chapter (he's been reading it aloud to me at night) and I already know it will be a book that changes some things for us. The very first time I brought easy to church with me when we were dating Foree preached about sex. The gist of the sermon was that within the structure marriage it is not only important but essential and that it should NEVER fall to the wayside. At the time I was mortified (seriously, his first visit to my church and the preacher kept saying sex?!?!), but it was a great lesson that is being revisited by us now in this book. Due to the very persoanl nature of this book I doubt I will post much about it, but it is another way that I will be learning about God's design for my life so I thought it was worth mentioning.


irene said...

Hey Sarah!
I'm so proud of you for keeping up with your quiet times and especially that you and Easy are reading TOGETHER! Way to go! The sex thing, wow that is so important. I think as women we have always had struggles with this area. There's so much input from all sorts of directions, usually not good ones. A blessing on your studies and the bed ;D!

Since you set up this blog with the purpose of "accountability" I'm going to take the liberty to point somethings out. My HUGE apologies if you would rather I didn't. Out of 20 times of mentioning exercise, 8 of those were "I did!" (I didn't count mopping.) Honestly, I think with all that has been going on your life that's pretty good. I know it probably doesn't feel like it's good but you've been very aware of it and consistent about including it here. I know you've got some plans to be regular in the summer hopefully that will help. It's hard to re-model EVERYTHING at once. It looks like you've gotten into a habit of being in the Word and pushing yourself to grow spiritually. That's all! Love ya!

sarahdawn said...

You are right on target with the exercise. I am acutally having friends over today so we can firm up a sort of schedule to walk together over the summer. It is by far the area I struggle most with at the moment.

Marlin said...

Have fun with Sheet Music! I've read it, so I KNOW you will! I'll leave it at that. . . :)
Can't wait 'til Monday night to discuss Captivating! Love ya! Lara