Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Whispers in My Ear

Things have been going well. I do intend to return to daily posting, but I will be honest and say that it may not happen until the kids are done with pre-school. (mid May) So for now I'll just keep posting when I can.

Eating has been pretty OK. I'm waiting for hunger and I'm not eating near the quantity I was before, but my choices still aren't the healthiest. I'll be working on that.

Exercise continues to be a challenge. I walked on Tuesday at the mall. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to make exercise a part of my DAILY life. I have a plan for including walking during the summer, but it's not something that I'll be ablt to continue in the fall. Of course, my whole world may change in the fall if I start working some so maybe I should just focus on what I can do now and worry about changing it when I have to.

Clutter control has slacked off due to the sinus yuck I've had. It started last Wednesday and is running a long course in me. I'm barely keeping up with neccesities right now.

Big things have been happening in the spiritual realm though. I went to the Ladies' Retreat and boy did I get touched! On Friday night we went through an exercise that really made me weak in the knees. We split into to groups and my group's instructions were to just stand there with our eyes closed. Next thing I know someone whispers in my ear that they appreciate what I do for the kids on Wednesday mornings at church. The third whisper I got was that I am a good mom. It was the one in the middle though that I know was meant to change how I think. Someone whispered in my ear, "God needs your help." It wasn't "Hey, God's working on this project and if you want to help that would be cool" or "God needs help, do you know anyone good enough?" Instead it was very clear - God needs MY help. I still haven't a clue what all God will need my help with, but I'm standing ready with a listening ear and open heart. Later in the weekend I was in a break out session on prayer and we naturally spent some time alone praying. I was praying about a relationship in my life that is weighing heavily on me. The answer I got was again very clear..."Quit praying FOR her and go pray WITH her." I plan to do so.

We also had our first book club meeting over the Sheila Walsh book. It was great. A good mix of backgrounds and world views. No judgement. Total acceptance and even some loving pushing and stretching. There is something powerful about four women who love God sitting down and being totally honest with each other. We are reading Captivating by John & Stasi Elderidge now. It's sort of the coutnerpart to Wild at Heart. I'm looking forward to it as we all expressed some level of struggle with who we are as try to be the wife, mom, friend, servant, leader, etc...that God wants us to be. I'm sure I'll have more to say on that as I read through the book.


Nellie said...

My, my, how powerful and awesome is the voice of God when we not only listen for it, but hear it. I know he is being heard by others through your life. I love you!

Toppooch said...

Just checking in! My weekend went better than the last two. WOO HOO. Hopefully I've turned a corner. Love ya! Lesa

Toppooch said...

Yay! It let me be toppooch again!