Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How Goes It?

Well, it goes. Things have been a little crazy as of late. Consumption has been mediocre. I spent some time at my mom and dad's and that's never good fo rmy eating habits. It's like since I'm not in my normal "busy" life I get bored and find myself snacking way more than I need to. Exercise hasn't been at all since I last posted. We did our big cook on Saturday so I was on my feet working all day - that must count for something. I'm looking forward to settling into a new routine that include exercise next week when school is out. (Tomorrow is the last day!) Clutter control has been mostly keeping up. As I mentioned we did our big cook on Saturday so I have dinner for the next 3 months in the freezer ready to go. This time I even planned appropriate side dishes so my weekly grocery shopping will be easier and we can start including more veggies in our diet. All that being said, let me tell you about yesterday................

Here's what I was suppoesd to do:

Drop kids at school at 9:00. Meet friend at the mall to walk and then make our gameplan for a summer of fun, keeping our sanity, and loosing a few pound along the way. Go home for lunch and make grocery list. Pick kids up at 1:30 and take to a friends house. Get hair cut at 2:30. Go to the grocery store. Pick up kids. Get a shower and shower the kids (usually done simultaneously). Feed kids and leave them with a sitter to attend a meeting for our business.

Here's what actually happened:

Go to load kids in the car for school and see what I think is a dead kitten in my driveway. (our garage cat was expecting) Drop kids at school. Tell friends I'll be there as soon as I can. Come home to give laboring cat some water and a clean box to finish having kittens. Discover that Rufus (the cat) doesn't know how to be a mommy and wind up spending the entire morning tending to her kittens. (cancelled plans with friends) The one in the driveway wasn't dead, just abandoned. I had to rub them all down and tear away their placentas and then hold the cat in the box so they could nurse. I saw her through #2 and #3 and then I had to go tend to my busy afternoon. I prayed there wern't any more kitten coming since she just ignored them when she had them. As I pulled into the church parking lot my serpentine belt frayed and started peeling. Foree (our preacher) helped me trim it. I arranged with my friend Kara to help me get it to the shop. Cancelled hair appointment (for the 3rd time). Wound up spending all afternoon at Kara's with the kids while we waited for the belt to get replaced. Finally got the burb back, picked up Easy's dry cleaning and got home with just enough time to take a shower and make the meeting with Easy. Discovered Rufus had #4. Took care of the kitten and made Rufus get in the box and nurse them some. Put dinner in oven. Discovered the baby had 101.2 temp. Cancelled the sitter. Ate dinner. Put kids to be early - except Vivie who didn't go to sleep until 9:30. Checked on cat - made her get in box and nurse the kittens again. Vegged until Easy got home around midnight.

This is the kind of day that could have sent me clear over the edge. And trust me, I was a little stressed out. But, I didn't loose it. I didn't even cry. I laughed with my mom about what I was having to do with the kittens. I spent some good quality time with my friend Kara who got to see Tripp in his happy funny manic state - she laughed a lot! At the end of the day I had a suburban that works, a family that was fed and safely tucked into bed, and four new kittens that were all alive and holding their own (Driveway, Stroller, Quilt, & Last are the temporary names.) God was clearly present in my day, keeping me sane, giving me the courage to tend to kittens even though I was grossed out, giving me peace when my burb broke down, blessing me with a good friend like Kara, and showing me that whatever my plans are for a day - He's got His own and He will see me through it.

Thank you Lord for being so present in my life. I know that at some point I will look back and see that yesterday was one of the days when the only footprints in the sand are yours. Thanks for the lift. Now, can today be a little easier?


Nellie said...

I'm praying for an easier day for you today! I must admit I am still chuckling over the kittens.

Isn't God just totally great? He is always in the midst, always present - he never even takes a nap! Don't you just love him?!

Marlin said...

You know, that's kind of what you get when you name a female cat, Rufus! :)

Love ya, girl!

debralynne said...

You had quite a day. I'm proud of you for hanging in there. You did much better than I would have.

Toppooch said...

Bless your heart! Did you feel a little like superwoman or what?

A word to the wise, make Rufus a little snip snip appointment with the vet or you'll get to go through this all again in 4-6 months!

I was just checking in on ya! You go girl!