Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Quick Catch Up

Well, it's been almost a week so I thought I'd better catch up! We went to my Nana's for the holiday weekend. That resulted in way too much Dr. Pepper consumption. I'm going to have to start taking my own drinks I think when I go. We are out of XS so that's part of the problem. Anyway....too much soda and Nana food left me bloated and feeling like I could go days with out eating. I'm glad to be back home and returning my body to it's more normal state. It was a very relaxing trip though. Mom and I even went and got pedicures!

I'm meeting friends this morning to walk. I also went digging in the "attic" and found my xertubes yesterday. I got online and ordered the book that has all the exercises so it should be here soon. (I used to have a video, but we don't have a vcr anymore and they don't make it on DVD) So, I'll be able to add in some exercise on the days I'm not walking.

My book club met Monday night. It was an emotional evening. We had read Captivating by John and Stasi Elderidge. There were some things in the book that we all disagreed with and some concepts we didn't really connect to. There were also many things that really hit us deeply about who we are as women, God's creation, His reflection, His daughters. It was a good night and I feel more comfortable in my skin as a result of some of the things I read and we discussed. We will be reading Beth Moore's Beleiving God next and meeting the first Monday in July. I look forward to getting started. I've realized that I've always believed IN God, but beleiving what He says is a different story. I often fall prey to Satan's ploy that God's promises simply don't apply to me. Surely, he couldn't want to use me, or bless me if He really knows me and all I've done. Right? Satan is a tricky dude and I'm ready to silence those "thoughts" and move on to a closer relationship with God.

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Toppooch said...

I was just checking in on you today! Thinking of you and hoping you're doing well. I've checked in on you a couple of other times since Trini broke her arm but didn't take time to let you know it! SORRY! Lesa