Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend In Review

Well, I'm feeling convicted to post about my weekend. It was a busy one. I know I made a few choices that were less than great, but I also made some that were really good. So, here's the low-down:

Friday night was date night. This was our first date night since I've made than major nutritional changes in my diet. We went to Abuello's - our first time there. I was a little nervouse because I LOVE Mexican food - the tortillas, the cheese, the chips, the queso (that's cheese again!), the enchilada sauce, refried beans....and the list of less than healthy favorites goes on and on. So, we get seated and instead of queso, we ordered some guacamole and when we finished the guac I removed the chips from our reach. What really made me happy is that I had a hard time choosing between all the health-full options because the all sounded so good! I ended up ordering some grilled skewers (chicken & shrimp) and I substitued fresh broccoli for the mexican mashed potatoes that came with it. I got no dessert. The splurge for that meal would definitely be the chips at the beginning and the fruity adult beverage I had. (there's a story behind that - it was long overdue......if my future matches my past I won't have another drink like that for a few years!) All in all I felt I handled the evening well. Oh, and some calories got bruned. I'll leave it at that. :-) (I apologize, this is supposed to be my spiritual blog - I usually reserve comments like that for my other blog - oops.)

So then came Saturday - Paris' 5th b-day party. I think the day went fantastic! The kids had a blast and most importantly for me, I didn't eat a piece of cake or ice cream! I have to shout out for my friend Kara as well. She made the cake (which looked amazing as always!) and she didn't even take a nibble in the process - no cake crumbs, no icing. Way to go Kara! My hubby saved me late in the day. I was tired and was thinking things like, "Let's just go grab some burgers or something." Before I could say anything of the sort he suggested we bake the trout he caught on a fishing trip recently. We baked it and had it over whole grain brown & wild rice. Yum-O! I did have two pinches of cake that night, it tasted great, but was sweet enough that I didn't even want more. My how my body has changed it's preferences already!

And that brings us to today. Today is Paris' actual b-day. She's been planning all week to eat at Doubledave's. I was pleased when we walked in to see that DD's is now offering a healthier fare on "green trays" in their buffet. The crust is a honey wheat crust and they use chicken and veggies and much less cheese. Sadly, the went a bit overboard with the onions (which I don't even like on my pizza anyway) so I passed on the green tray and ate the real stuff. I didn't over eat though. My second transgression would be at dinner - I made pancakes for Paris and I ate some. I could really tell that the whole concept of "carb addiction" is real today. After eating those things I found myself really wanting a piece of her cake. Instead, we went out to the back porch and had some watermelon. We also went for a family walk this evening, so I worked in some exercise. Not my best day far as the food goes, but it was a fabulous family day. We even got to all go to worship service together. I usually work the nursery, but I took the day off today so we could all be together all day. It was wonderful.

OK, there you have it. I know I could have done a lot worse than I did, but I still own the fact that I made a few bad choices. As Easy reminded me, it's not a big deal that I "splurged," I just need to remember that this week I will probably have to face some of those cravings down again. I know with God's strength and y'all's encouragement I will get through any momentary cravng and keep this temple headed in the right direction.


debralynne said...

Hey, I'm proud of you. And Easy's right, It's okay to splurge from time to time. If you don't take care of those cravings, they will take care of you (or take you over)! Hang in there and tell the Big Princess Happy Birthday! She really just can't be 5! She was born yesterday, I remember....

Marlin said...

I think you are doing fabulously! I could visibly tell at Paris' party that you are progressing toward your goal. Keep on truckin'! Lara

Lisa said...

Sounds like you're doing great. It's hard passing up those sweets so I usually take a bite off of the girls. Enough for a taste, but won't add too many calories. The girls have been a big support for me.