Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Denise Rocks!

I must have looked really bad at church Sunday because I had friends offer to provide lunch and dinner for me on Monday. I am truly blessed by good friends and am happy to report that Easy will be home tonight and I don't think he'll be gone overnight again until sometime in July.

Consumption: Did pretty well here. It's always hard for me when Easy is gone. Lonliness is definitely a trigger for bad eating habits for me. Had some egg scrambled with veggies for breakfast. 1 XS, 2 cups decaf, 24oz water, 1 HEB water. Turkey sandwich & half a banana for lunch. Light cherry yougurt for snack. Then Deinse brought us dinner - she is amazing. In an effort to help me in my remodeling plans she brought me a dinner that fit the bill. She brought me an enormous salad (seriously, I think I ate 1/3 of it for dinner!) that had all the good stuff - carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, chickpeas, avocado, almonds, and the list goes on. She packed some chopped chicken (I think it was rotiserrie - yummy), extra carrots & cucumbers for the kids, some plain pasta (Paris is anti-sauce), sliced up cantalaupe (sp?) and strawberries, two light dressing options, drinks for the kids and even put in diet citrus Green Tea for me to drink! She even made these YUMMY little desserts with sugar free jello, strawberries, and light cool whip. It was a healthy feast enjoy by everyone in my house and we have left overs for lunch today. Denise - YOU ROCK!!

Exercise: 5 laps at Tanglewood Park.

Clutter Control: Just the basics today - laundry and kitchen.

Spiritual Development: Quiet time was in Psalms again. Today the study guide prompted many questions about doubt and how Satan has used it to wreak havoc in my life. He always uses it to have me doubt that God's promises actually apply to me. Then I read chapter 3 in the Beth Moore book. Holy cow. In this chapter she challenges you to spend time in prayer and let God help you determine a time period to focus on doing the following things: Raise your sheild of faith (and she gives you a physical way to do this so that you really engage you mind and spirit - it gives me goosebumps when I do it!), sanctify yourself (pray and ask God to show you what He'd like you to remove from your life), and record Godstops (times when you clearly see God's presence in a situation. I did as the book challenges and here's what God gave me - no evening TV. Turn the TV off at 6:00 pm for the night everynight. Time frame - starting Tuesday and continuing until my new gig (which I'm not quite at libertly to discuss in detail yet) starts - should be September 1. She recommends tying a blue cord of some kind around your right wrist to serve as your reminder, so if you see me wearing a blue bracelet on my right wrist you'll know what it means. It was a powerful chapter and one that literally prompted me to pray in a way I rarely do - so totally honest and "naked" and willing to do whatever it is He asks of me so that I may truly know Him and feel His presence in my daily life. It was pretty amazing. It truly is amazing what happens when you open yourself and ask the Spirit to lead you. The really amazing thing is that we have that power any and every minute of every day if we will only stop and ask and listen for the answers.

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