Saturday, September 8, 2007

Where I am

is a place of frustration - I feel like my body is betraying me. No, I haven't put any pounds back on. I'm talking about pain - head pain to be exact and I'm sick and tired of having it. After that 3-day migraine I had a little while back I was very ready to talk to my OB/GYN about them when I had my yearly appointment this last Thursday. She's always treated my migraines because they are hormonally realted. After a long talk with her we decided it is time for me to see another doctor. The headaches are still hormonal, but not all of them. She's tried everything she knows to try with me over the last 5 years so I'm going to see my "regular" doctor on the 18th to see what she can do to help. I happen to know that she suffers from migraines too so I think she will be very understanding and aggressive in getting them under control. The good news from my yearly visit was all the kudos my doc gave me for the weight I've lost and the efforts I'm making to get healthy. You want the really not good part of Thursday...................

worst migraine of my life. I was literally laying on Tripp's bed in tears. I had to move from the couch to take him to the potty and we went to his room to get dry undies (he tends to pre-dribble a bit). I couldn't get up off the bed. I finally had Paris bring me the phone and called Stephanie to come help because I wasn't sure when Easy would be home and the kids were hungry and Vivie was in her playpen fussing and....well, I couldn't get myself together. I've always been able to get myself together. It was truly humbling to depend first on my 5 year old daughter to help me, and then on my sweet friend. I don't even remember seeing her face when she was here, I just know she showed up and fed my kids and helped Easy get them all squared away for bed time. I am so greateful for my girlfriends.

Needless to say, this beast of a headache kept me from running on Friday morning. (I did run on Thursday and I cut a lot of time off my last run) I am so frustrated. I don't even know what triggered this one. It wasn't hormonal. There were no storms blowing through. I didn't eat or drink anything out of the ordinary. I don't like taking medications, but at this point I am so ready to go to the doctor and have her tell me there is something I can take that will prevent this from happening again. It's time for preventative medicine - the treat it when it happens approach isn't cutting it anymore.

So, that's how my week ended up. I did purchase my book for book club this month and will start reading it this weekend. I will also be starting a study of the Book of James for Ladies' Class this week. I will probably start using that study as my morning quiet time.

Father, please help me this week as the rest of my schedule falls into place. Please keep the migraines away until I can see my doctor and then help me to understand what she says and choose the best treatment possible so these things won't continue to interfere with my daily life so much. Thank you for Stephanie who was so willing to grab her kids and head over here at a second's notice to help me. Thank you for a husband who didn't fuss or complain or even whine that I was out of comission with no notice and he was having to do stuff I normally do. Thank you for my precious daughter and for answering her prayer to make my head stop hurting that night. You are a mighty and graciouse God and I know that even though the experience was unpleasant, many lessons were taught on Thursday. Stephanie taught her boys what it is to be a friend. Paris saw first hand that you answer her prayers. I learned that my precious baby girl isn't shy about raising her hands to you and asking for what she know you will deliver. Thank you for all those lessons. I love you Lord. Amen.


Stephanie said...

Your welcome and anytime Sarah, anytime. Thanks for the soap. I love it! Love you!

debralynne said...

I'm sorry you felt so bad. I do hope your doctor can help you get these under control. I also know the preciousness of our children. It's so wonderful to see their faith and willingness to be so caring. Oh, to be like a the child God calls us to be.

Irene said...

oh sarah! i'll be praying for you! i'm so sorry to hear about your migraines, that's just terrible!