Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Feeling Better

Well, I had a bit of an allergy attack the last few days. I'm blaming it on the people who baled hay on the corner of the street leading to my neighborhood and all the lot owners who decided to mow their acre in my neighborhood. It kept me in bed yesterday - the Reset button didn't quite get pushed I supposed. Anyway, I was up and moving this morning. I trotted myself out the back door to discover......rain. So, I did a workout viedo in the living room. I'm hoping to actually get back on the street tomorrow.

Had a great book club Monday night. I'm excited about the next book we are reading......I'll up date my current reading list later.

Anyway, just wanted to be accountable on the exercise.....hope you are all having a good day!


Rich said...

Hi SarahDawn,

I just discovered this blog by doing a search for "College Station scorpions". Your blog post on your scorpion incident popped up on the list, so here I am.

I am a College Station-ite, as well, and I found our first scorpion in our home tonight. It was a little freaky. We have lived in our new home for 3 years and have never seen scorpions. Now we are worried that this may be a shadow of things to come.

I was curious, since your first incident, have you or your family seen more of these things around? I have lived here since I was 2, and I've never seen one until tonight. So, I'm hoping it's a fluke. I may talk to my neighbor, Dave Kitchens (The ABC Pest and Lawn guy tomorrow).

I don't mean to derail your thread here, but seeing as how it is the most recent, I wanted to be sure you saw it.

sarahdawn said...

Hi Rich - Since our pest guy sprayed we have 2 dead ones in the house, and killed one more live one. I've seen two more outside the house. That was all within a month of the "incident." I haven't seen any since then, but I'm always watching. We're way south of town of Peach Creek road in a new development so we're hoping as more homes are built and people are living out here we will see less of them. The little boogers don't like hanging around people much. Hope that helps....

Rich said...

Thanks Sarah. We are right off of Barron Road in the Alexandria subdivision, and there is a fire station being built right behind us. I'll bet that's where this critter came from.

I actually did some research since last night and found out that you can see these things with UV flashlights. Their exoskeleton glows yellow. I bought oneonline (~$25) and will try my luck at hunting. Hopefully this was a fluke and I won't find any others.

Irene said...

k, i'm reading backwards. i'm no expert but do you think the headache was related to this allergy attack? maybe just delayed for some reason? just a thought. going to pray!