Friday, September 21, 2007

Pitiful Performance

That sums up my opinion of how I did this week. I ran one day, I've eaten fast food 3 times, and I haven't had my quiet time all week. I wish I could give you an explanation, or at least rationalize it somehow, but I've got nothing really - except that I let Satan get the best of me this week I think; convincing me daily it would be better to stay in bed than to get up and meeet my Lord under the stars. My energy level has stunk it up big time. My head has been so-so this week - I took an Imitrex yesterday and I can tell I'll be taking one again before I leave for work today. I did go to the doctor about all that on Tuesday - she wants to run some blood work (which I'm doing today) and do a brain scan (CT) to be sure we rule out any other medical causes for the increase in my headaches before she puts me on any medication. I know this is a good thing - she's being thorough. It also stinks because in the meantime I wait and pray that I don't have headaches. And even though I know the brain scan is really to rule things out it's a little unnerving to know that my doctor feels a need to look at my brain - that there is even a remote possibility that some thing is wrong with my brain. Of course, after a week like this I'll just be happy to know that they actually find my brain in there and I have indeed not lost it completely!

I do have one bit of VERY good news to report - 4 years ago my cholesterol was 212. That's bad in case you don't know. After the changes I've made in lifestyle over the last several months I'm happy to report my cholesterol is now a beautiful 156! That totally made it worth going to the doctor Tuesday even though she didn't have any answers regarding my headaches. She did ask my something I thought was funny - it was about my sleep patterns. I think that I sleep better right now than I have in a long time. I don't know if that's out of sheer exhaustion or what, but I typically lay down and pass out at night instead of laying there for what used to be hours unable to turn off my brain and go to sleep. So after I gave her that answer she says, "Good, so most mornings you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to get up and start your day?" What? I kind of laughed and said, "Well, maybe twice a week I feel that way." Does anybody feel totally refreshed and ready to get up and get going everyday? Or even MOST days? I think perhaps this is one of the great ills of American culture - we simply have no appreciation for genuine rest.

I'm going to my folks house for the weekend - I always feel more rested after that. There's something about being under my parent's roof that somehow lifts a burden or reduces my stress level. Please pray that we have safe travel and that I return home rested and ready to return to the journey I'm on with renewed focus and energy.

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Marlin said...

I'm not even sure the term "well rested" can apply to a parent of small children . . . EVER! No matter how much sleep I get, it never seems like enough even though I know it is - - And sleeping in . . . what is that anyway!? Congrats on the cholesterol drop! No worries about the brain scan - we're all praying for you! You've had a big change in your routine, things on your mind, etc. Different people react different ways to stress and change. This may be yours. Have a safe trip and relax! :)