Monday, August 13, 2007


That's what I said about 2/3 through my run this morning. Today was the first day I took my iPod so I could run to music. I felt like my pace was significantly quicker with that added boost. Anywho - I'm headed back in the main road of our subdivision and it feels like I have a monster charley horse in my left calf. I thought for a minute that I could run through it but quickly determined that would be foolish. I stopped and rubbed it out and stretched. It hurt pretty bad so I walked the rest of the way home. I was frustrated because the run was feeling really good right up until then. Anyway, it's still sore and there's actually a bit of a lightly bruised spot so I'm thinking it may be a more than a good old camp. So, I'm taking some motrin and I'll probably just walk tomorrow and then see how I'm doing. Grrrrrrrr.

Food was so-so over the weekend. I could have done worse, but I definitely could have done better. We ate at Fuddrucker's (sp?) Saturday and I ate a burger. It's been a long time since I indulged in a pile of grease like that. I had heart burn later. I somehow convinced myself it was the right choice because it was $2 cheaper than the chicken salad I was looking at. So, I saved $2 but got heart burn and was left with the knowledge that I made a poor choice.

I've been reading that book in my sidebar about wealth. I haven't read anything earth shattering yet - just your basic God doesn't condemn wealth, he just warns us that it can be a great temptation. At this point all I've gotten from the book is the wish that he used a different version of the Bible for all his scripture references. I guess I'm a little spoiled and haven't read KJV in a LONG time. It's cumbersome.

I also startedThe Pursuit of God this morning during my quiet time. I enjoyed the part I read and felt like it gave me just enough of a taste to know this book is what I need to read right now. I am overwhelmed with the desire to live a life so led by the Spirit that it affects my every choice. I know that if I'm not seeking God out, I surely won't hear His voice (or nudge, or prompting) when He wants to lead me in a certain direction. Seems to me that if I'm constantly seeking God and His will for my life then some of the "tough choices" probably won't be so tough. I am struggling though to find enough dedicated prayer time. I pray in spurts all day when things cross my mind, but I want to have more time that is soley dedicated to prayer. I was doing this at the end of my quiet time before, but since I started getting up to jog I find myself falling asleep during prayer time. I'm hoping that once school starts I can use part of the kids naptime in the afternoon (before Paris gets home!) to spend in prayer. In the meantime I'll keep on keepin' on!

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Nellie's Nuggets said...

Just remember that those little "popcorn" prayers are a way to pray without ceasing. Extended prayer time is wonderful. I know you will find the time for it soon. It is so obvious that you are growing deeper and deeper in your relationship with the Lord.

Hope that calf muscle heals quickly! Love you!