Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Quick Post

I didn't want to skip my detail post, but I'm hectic today so this will be brief.

I few not so good days on food. Saturday I was at the beach with Easy all day for a work function and I drank DP almost all day. I had some egg rolls from Jack in the Box as well. Other than that I've done pretty good on food and I even had a few days with NO DP!! Today was a splurge lunch. My mom surprised me with her two best gal pals and they drove up from B-town to sit it in on the class I taught this morning. We all went to Wings N More for lunch . I'm not used to the fried food and my tummy is already revolting!

Exercise - still just chasing the kids around. Next week begins our actual summer schedule so I'm planning to start adding in some exercise time.

The house is staying pretty picked up and we even got Paris' room all cleaned! I've got my chores divided out so I'm definitely doing better in the clutter control category.

And lastly - I taught LBC this morning on the first chapter of Soul Feast. I think it went well. It was A LOT of material to cover and I hope I didn't leave folks feeling like they'd been talked at when it was done. I tried to work in some discussion questions, but it was a little challenging because no one in the class (except my mom) had read the chapter yet - the books won'tbe in until later this week! It was a real treat to have my mom, Nana, Bren and ML there. I was a little anxious as class got started, but the further we went the slower my heartbeat and I relaxed and did my best.

So - all in all I think an OK week on this journey! Oh, and I lost 2 pounds. Have a good week!


Jenny said...

Sarah, your lesson this morning was better than "okay".... you know how sometimes when someone's talking, your mind tends to wander (oh, about your to-do list, who you need to call back, what groceries you need to buy, etc... oh, come on... all of you do that one time or another)... that's all part of being a busy mom. Well, you had my full and undivided attention this morning. I LOVE to hear you speak. Your message is always such a blessing to hear. And, you have a such a gift with words... you make everything so honest and "real".... it's easy to relate to and understand. I really enjoyed hearing about the book... and am more excited about reading it now.... thank you!

Stephanie said...

Glad all went well this morning. Congrats on losing 2 more pounds. Have a great week.

Nellie's Nuggets said...

GRRRREEAATT job, precious girl!

You did an awesome job of sharing the information in that first chapter of the book - it was an information loaded chapter.

I think you were able to whet the spiritual sppetitie of everyone there.

Bren and ML were almost as proud as I was! What a fun day we had.

Love you much!!

Nellie's Nuggets said...

HMMM.. not sure if it was a slip of the fingers or a slip in the brain.

It should read "spiritual appetite."

Although "sppetitie" looks like it could be interesting!