Monday, June 23, 2008

Better Late then Never

Hello out there! If you want to read about a tiny bit of "process" stuff hop over to Sarah Station. You'll see that I'm still learning the little lessons in life.........

As for the exterior remodeling I have quite a bit to tell you. I've begun meeting with some friends to help me navigate this area. I wonderful friend that God dropped into my life back in September (Love you LK!!) has been on quite a journey to allow God to defeat a food addiction in her life. She has lost over 100 lbs since her journey began. She has taken this wonderful blessing and used it to help others. She is now meeting with me and two other ladies to walk us through what became her "program" (if you really need to call it something). It's food education, Bible study,exercise, accountability in a big way, and support group all rolled into one.

Today was our 3rd meeting. The first week we just talked about where her journey has taken her and what we want to accomplish. Our home work was to keep a food diary for the next week. That was ugly. On week 2 we weighed in and measured. That was ugly too. We also got the beginnings of our personalized plan for food and exercise. The food diary will continue indefinitely - talk about accountability! In one week I have learned that even though I am eating WAY healthier than I was 18 months ago, the proportion of fat in my diet is way too high and the amount of veggies is way too low. I've also learned that I don't eat enough "carbs" and that could be contributing to my fatigue and hairloss! I had no idea. So I'm learning new ways to put in Gluten Free carb/starches. It looks like potatoes will be back in my diet - just not the fried variety! (if you have a great potatoe recipe that doesn't involve cream or frying, send it my way!)

Today we weighed in and with one week off of DP and watching my consumption of food I dropped 7 lbs. Trust me, that's water weight. I told LK that she would never again see that kind of drop in a week's time and she assured me that if she did we would need to make some changes because it wouldn't be healthy. I am my mother's daughter and we do retain a lot of water so I'm 99% confident that at least 5 of those pounds was fluid. I never thought I would pray for slow loss, but that is my goal. I want this Temple to be physically sound and shrinking it too fast would not be good.

So, there you go. I'm on track, learning new things, unlearning old things, and incredibly grateful that I have LK and our group to walk this part of my journey with.

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good. His love endures forever. Psalm 136:1


Stephanie said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Keep up the good work.

Kate said...

Yay Sarah!
Water weight or not that still feels better in a pair of jeans. :)