Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rushing Water

So God is calling me in some new directions. Or maybe they are old directions that He is reminding me He wants me to go. Sorry, I'm not ready to be too specific here. What I can say is that it's kind of like standing in a river.

The river is clear and calm and the perfect temperature. You can see your bare feet if you look down. Then it rains. One of those flash flood kind of deals that you are not prepared for at all. The river isn't so clear anymore, can't see your feet. The water is moving quicker, and it's rising. Just about the time things are starting to settle something up river shifts. A change in a life that isn't your own, but touches you none the less. It's a torrential flood up there. You can see the water coming downstream. There's a lot of it. You know God is in control of it, but it looks scary. It just may wash you away. You can trust Him. He won't let you drown. Here it comes....................

Quick, grab a branch! Hold on with all you've got. Don't ever let go. Even if you survive the rapids, you don't know what lies ahead. There could be deep murky waters, or maybe drought. It's safe here. You know this river. It's never hurt you before. Just stay put.

Trust Me. I will wash your sins away. I have work for you to do. Things you can't even imagine await you. Trust Me.

But you're a weak swimmer! You can't do this on your own. You'll never make it. This is SCARY! Don't let go!

Let go and trust Me.

Friends, pray for me that I listen to the voice of my Father and not that of satan. Help me as my sweet friend Kara did tonight to let go of the that branch one finger at a time until I'm washed clean down stream into the life God has planned for me - no matter what that looks like.

So you let go. Your listen and you let go. You have faith in His provision so you let go of what is comfortable and familiar. You toss and tumble through raging waters and waterfalls. And just when you think you can't possible take another moment, there is peace. As you catch your breath and stand in the smooth crystal clear water you look back at the path you took and in it you see all the beauty of God's creation. And you know that you have been created anew in Him. Now you are free to move with the flow of the river, whereve it might take you.


Nellie said...

You make a mommy proud!

Marlin said...

You know, if you could do it all on your own, then God couldn't be in it. Let go, my friend and allow Him to work through you.