Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Walking News

So after my last post I got this amazing email from a friend at church that offered to let me borrow her treadmill! She brought it over yesterday and today when the kids were resting I got my walk in! I'm so excited about this because my exercise no longer depends on my kids' schedule. I can walk while they sleep - either in the afternoon or at night or if I'm feeling nuts, before they get up in the morning! I feel like this is a real solution to part of my struggle.



Jenny said...

So, it works okay? I'm so glad that you're getting to use it! Walk an extra mile for me tomorrow!

Kate said...


I started a healthy eating program up here call Seattle Sutton yesterday. I've done it before with pretty good success but I'm looking forward to this time as well. Our meal last night was Turkey Loaf (sounds gross...but wasn't) and half a twice baked potato. I highly recommend as a potato idea!