Tuesday, February 5, 2008

In Need of Healing

That is the best way to describe me at the moment. I'm in need of some R&R. Some divine water to quench my soul. Food from the Father to refuel my weary body. And I will get quite a bit of that this weekend at the Women of Faith conference!

Last week I found myself at the doctor with chest pain. That will certainly make you sit up and pay attention. Truth is, I'd had this pain before - off and on over the last 6 years or so. It always came after having a baby and/or while breastfeeding on of those babies. Well, last Wednesday morning sometime before 6:00 am I tried to roll over in bed and felt this horrible pain in my chest. It stayed with me all day Wednesday and since I couldn't tie it to childbearing or nursing this time I figured I better get it checked out. I fessed up to my Smooch that I was in pain and going to the doctor the next day. That's the scary news. The good news is that it is absolutely nothing cardiac related at all. I have costochondritis. There is a lot of inflammation where my upper right-side ribs join the breastbone. Nothing major, just painful. So I've been on a bunch of meds ranging from steroids to muscle relaxers and I have to ice my chest (except it's really like icing my boob) daily. It's getting better, but today was a busy day and I can feel it. That accounts for the weary body.

My soul is thirsty as well. I have been doing some good things. I taught that Wednesday night class and the following week I taught Wednesday morning class. We had a good book club meeting and I'm excited to start reading our next book when it comes in this week. I have been praying A LOT. I think I'm just learning in a whole new way how much I NEED God. Yesterday I called on Him in desparation to please remove the fear and anxiety that was consuming me and replace it with His peace and strength so I could get through Tripp's ARD. He is faithful. We made it through and things are looking really good. You'll have to go to Monkey Dance if you want more details.

Today I am relieved and deflated. Last week I made the comment that my tanks were feeling a little empty. If last week was empty I'm just running on fumes right now. I look forward to a weekend of renewal with friends, family, sisters, and most importantly, my Father. Until I return.........

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Stephanie said...

Hope that you have a great time at Women of Faith!